Charles L. Rosen, MD, PhD
Neurosurgeon in Central Illinois

I worked with Dr. Charles Rosen, MD Ph.D. at West Virginia University Hospital for 16 years.
As a Neurosurgery Physician Assistant, he was both my supervisor and the chairman of

During the time I worked with him, Dr. Rosen was a compassionate and skilled surgeon and
leader. He consistently showed empathy and concern for both patients and employees.
He maintained an approachable manner despite assuming the numerous responsibilities of

He was dedicated to teaching students of all types and was never too busy to explain his work.
Dr. Rosen was skilled at problem-solving and providing an excellent level of care on a consistent
basis. He produced a working environment where his employees felt they were heard and a part
of something greater than themselves.

His dedication to providing the best care for patients was downright inspiring. In assuming the
role of chairman, we naturally thought he would slow down in his clinical work. In fact, the
opposite was true! His productivity increased.

He was also instrumental in providing services to underserved parts of the state by establishing
satellite clinics as well as securing valuable grants to further our department’s neurosurgical

Overall, Dr. Rosen remains one of the finest humans I have ever met. I was proud to work with
him and would highly recommend him to a position that utilizes his ample surgical skills and
appreciates his passion for patient care.

Leah Holloran PA·C
WVU Department of Neurosurgery

Meet Dr. Rosen

Dr. Rosen most recently served as Department Chair of Neurological Surgery at West Virginia University (WVU) School of Medicine from 2012 through 2017, following his 2011 appointment as Interim Department Chair.

He joined the faculty at WVU in 2001 and held various positions in the WVU Department of Neurosurgery, including vice chair, director of research and the neurosurgical research laboratories, and director of cranial base surgery.

He was professor of Neurosurgery and Program Director for Residency in Neurological Surgery in the WVU Department of Neurosurgery at WVU School of Medicine, among other academic and clinical roles.

If you would like to refer a patient to Dr. Rosen, please call (309) 684-6333

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