Charles L. Rosen, MD, PhD
Neurosurgeon in Central Illinois

Motorcycle Helmet Standards and What to Watch For

Since I ride bikes regularly and I'm a brain surgeon, as you could imagine many friends and colleagues when they're looking for helmets, they're motorcyclists, they come to ask me what kind of helmet do you wear and what kind of helmet should I get? What's...

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6 Safety Tips for MountainFest Motorcycle Rally

Rolling Thunder, Sturgis, Daytona, those who ride on two wheels, these keywords immediately bring to mind epic events. MountainFest Motorcycle Rally, which takes place in Morgantown, W.Va., July 25-July 27, is a go-to event for motorcycle...

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Preventing Head Injuries When Riding a Motorcycle

At work, I always get a lot of grief for being a neurosurgeon who rides to work on a motorcycle. People often are wondering why I'd make such a decision. A motorcycle can be a very reasonable way to commute. It can be a reasonable way to see a state or...

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Evaluating A Head Injury After A Motorcycle Accident

A question I often get asked is, “If you have a mild accident or even a significant accident, what are the things to look for after the doctor says you're okay or maybe you're not even seeking out medical care, and when can I go back to riding?” Well, the...

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