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Fall Sports–Concussions

Dr. Charles L. Rosen, Neurosurgeon in Morgantown, WV, discusses fall sports and consussions. Something parents are concerned about are concussions in children. Two sports in particular:  soccer and football, obviously football even more so. I hate the word...

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Pool-Diving Safety

Playing in the summertime, obviously, something that all of us enjoy or most of us enjoy is the pool and the thing that I'm super concerned about that I really focus on is the catastrophic spinal cord injuries we see–and this typically happens from one or...

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Epidural Hematomas in Children

Dr. Charles L. Rosen, Neurosurgeon of Morgantown, WV, explains epidural hematomas in children. I do like to talk about one instance, or actually two instances, the same problem that I've seen twice in my career and that's something that you can see in kids...

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What to Expect After Brain Tumor Surgery

The human brain has hundreds of intricate structures and billions of connections. Moreover, there are more than 100 different types of malignancies. “The issues you’ll have before and after surgery depend on where the tumor is in the brain and what kind of...

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A Guide to Brain Tumors and Treatments

Brain tumors are usually divided into three types: intrinsic (grow from the brain), extrinsic (grow from around the brain), or metastatic (come from other areas of the body and implant in the brain). Intrinsic tumors Intrinsic tumors, otherwise known as...

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